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We design, develop, and deploy mobile software for research, consumers, advertisers and businesses.

  • We focus on intuitivity and personally wanted content, and regardless of technology implementations, limitations and other constraints in hardware and software, we want our content to be usable and useful in the widest market coverage possible.
  • We have over 15 years experience in building mobile and desktop applications. Our software is deployed globally on some of the biggest software providers and network operators in the world
  • We sponsor educational resources and IT materials in languages and regions that have little IT infrastructure.
  • We have released over 15 million freeware knowledge application downloads, across all continents.
  • We keep upto date with appropriate technological advances to the benefit of our audiences, such as motion awareness and touch based interactivity in newer technologies. This further pushes great user-driven experiences.

We provide a wide range of technical services outside of in-house software development.
These include
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Feasibility and Usability Studies
  • Enterprise Web Services and Infrastructure Design
  • E-Commerce and Merchanting Services
  • Storage and Multimedia Data Recovery
  • Performance testing
  • Customer retail management systems
Tigerlily Digital Limited is a UK based company, situated in North London. To contact us for sales and responses to your queries please use our contact form. Our telephone sales and support line is available at (UK) 020 8493 8900, between 10am-5pm weekdays.

We would like to remind customers to note that all of our online sales is given in GBP (UK) and include VAT unless noted otherwise, and it is company policy to charge in advance of e-delivery of our software.


We design, develop, and deploy software for research, consumers, advertisers and businesses.

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